Clear communication in a tick

Visual Harvesting. The company name illustrates our core business.

But what exactly is it we harvest then? Ideas, plans, anything you and your participants focus on during your meeting.

Thinking of organizing a meeting? Why not get Visual Harvesting in!

We’re all set with markers and paper to capture your event’s content and progress: LIVE.

A unique, powerful and effective approach to lift the working relationship with your meeting partners to a higher level.


We pay close attention, we process what we hear and then we deliver a visualization of our interpretation. That’s right, no notes but the essence captured in a simple yet understandable image.

Visual Harvesting enables you to spontaneously connect with small as well as larger crowds.


It increases the group’s involvement and stimulates its commitment to achieve the same goal.

The visual harvest, captured in drawings, will undoubtedly boost interaction and assure an ongoing impact revival when displayed in your office, repeated in newsletters, on your website or in a presentation.

Visual Harvesting in action

Visual Harvesting | Graphic Facilitation | Process Design
Visual Storytelling | Strategic Illustrations

Visual Harvesting harvests ideas, plans and more during your meeting.

We also organize lectures, workshops and in-company trainings on your demand.