Creating impact


Visual harvesting will create a lasting impact

Even years after your drawing will still pay of


A story that sticks

Don’t mistake your visual harvester for an ordinary artist to spice up your session. She is so much more than that. A visual harvester delivers a valuable visualization report that will continue to create impact.


A motivational picture on your wall


The insights of your meeting are harvested on large sheets of paper. Many of our drawings are known to be displayed on office walls for years. It makes your messages literally stick. Every time people walk past them they get reminded of the conclusions that emerged from their session back then.


Do the pictures give you the impression that they’re outdated? Then it’s time to take action. From a recent phone call: ”I just walked by the image that pictured our policy from 2011-2015. We’re 2016 now. Can we have an update?”


You own the copyrights


It’s nice to get a paper version of your visual harvest since it proves its authenticity, but the picture can only be displayed in one spot. Don’t worry, we help you spread your harvest by also providing you with the digital images.


You’re free to use them wherever and whenever you see fit. You can post them on your website, send them to your co-workers, use them in company presentations, in your corporate brochure … Or let them go viral on social media. Didn’t we say ‘lasting impact’?


Back in time


Since you are investing time, means and money in your sessions, we don’t blame you for wanting to get the most out of them. Thanks to the picture, you will. Whoever was involved in the making will see the visual harvest as a memorable result of a unique group effort.


Consider it a time machine that takes them back to the moment when the image was created. And that will certainly rekindle their motivation to keep working on it.


A drawing that guarantees a lasting impact? Visual Harvesting is your designer.