Get people to act


Visual Harvesting gets people moving

During your meeting and maybe even more important so: afterwards

During sessions: loosen those tongues

Visual harvesting loosens the tongue. Bye-bye long and boring meetings. Hello energy! Three reasons why.


  1.  Susceptibility


We offer a detailed visualization of even your most complicated strategies, translating abstract words into comprehensible drawings, making your case intelligible to all participants. It’s because they understand, everyone will want to have their say.


  1. Involvement


Participants are eager to see their brainstorms come to live. Our approach encourages them to contribute to the discussions since everyone is anxious to discover their own input in the final result.


  1. Creativity


Every picture must be seen as a launching platform growing ideas and strategies. It unravels connections that otherwise would not even be detected, therefore opening up a whole new spectrum of opportunities, making it possible to look at things from a broader perspective. The creative minds and collective intelligence of the group make them winners!

After the session: joining hands

Visual harvesting makes people join hands. No more hollow words or empty talk. It’s time to act!


DONE en to do


Innately boring action plans, disturbingly long to do lists and forgotten sticky notes won’t get you anywhere. They don’t tickle your enthusiasm to take things to the next level. A visual report does. Participants can watch the progress they’re making being  presented in a drawing. They know where they’re coming from and where there’s still work to be done.


Make things happen, together


Our images stimulate commitment. Since all group members feel like co-owners of the visual harvest, it will establish a connection between them and they will join forces until their job is finished. That leaves us with co-workers who weren’t present during sessions. Won’t they be itching to hear what you have been up to? They will surely question their colleagues about their harvesting adventure, that way keeping the dialogue alive. Exactly what is needed to get things implemented.

A session that gets people to act? Leave it to Visual Harvesting!