Get the essence


Visual Harvesting captures the essence

It’s illuminating, both during sessions and long after

Your visual resume

We visually highlight your meeting with images that will stick with you.


Capturing words in images


Meetings are known to unleash an avalanche of words. Everyone has his say. But words tend to evaporate. And that’s where your visual harvester comes in. She or he catches them in a real-time visualization, instantaneously revealing your session’s harvest.


She or he literally puts your meeting’s headlines in the picture, exposes your focal points and captures the essence. Coming out of the meeting people will know exactly what’s been said.


Creating consistency


No need to worry that the abundance of words will result in an avalanche of images. On the contrary, your visual harvester is not just an illustrator, but a facilitator whose talent it is to present only the big picture.


She or he is an experienced manager who masters the art of listening, synthesizing ánd illustrating. She thinks, she draws, she hits it. In a flash. Your participants ready? Picture ready! It’s like that.


A picturesque story


Your visual harvest makes your report memorable. “Oh, but if I want a report, why don’t I just ask someone to take minutes?” Sure, if you don’t mind an endless chain of texts and if you like a challenge trying to put everything into perspective again afterwards. Good luck with that!


Our synthesis structurally visualizes all conclusions in a picturesque story. It’s a powerful instrument in channeling information and getting everyone involved up to speed.

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