Your visual harvest is not just something we produce out of thin air

Visual harvesting is the result of a well thought out procedure implemented before, during and after the meeting

1. Warming-up

Martine, Axelle, Iris and Kristof always come well-prepared. They make sure to consult with the programme leader before the meeting on the goals and aims.


  • How is the course of the programme structured?
  • What goals do you hope to achieve with the image and how do you wish to implement it?
  • Which technical terms and acronyms need further explaining for maximum clarity?


We tackle your subject-matter and we put our heads together to ensure you the best thinkable approach for your particular meeting. Ten small pictures might do a better job than one big drawing. Maybe your participants are better of keeping track on a projection screen than on paper?

2. And then… Action

Ready … set … go. We capture the essence of your meeting.

How do we do that? Like this.


“She’s facing a large white sheet of paper. Markers ready to use. Fully concentrated, she’s all ears. Her sharp analytical mind catches the rush of words floating in the air. Her fingers are itching to create her own special, creative and colourful visualization of the matter.”


Not to worry: meanwhile you and the others continue doing your own thing. There’s no need to slow down your conversation or limit your enthusiasm. Unless you explicitly point out it being appropriate, we won’t intervene during the discussions.

3. Round-up / Completion

You get to take your drawing(s) with you right after we’re finished.


Within 36 hours you will receive the digitalized images by means of Dropbox or WeTransfer, free at your disposal. Each assignment remains confidential, nor will we use the pictures without your consent.


Any more questions on working with Visual Harvesting? Do not hesitate to ask!