Leading with Visuals

November 29th, 2019

4 inspiring workshops at Urban City Antwerp

A picture says more than a thousand words. We’ve known that for a while. We are working in a fast-paced and visual world. We are swiping and scrolling with a span of attention shorter than the one a goldfish, making it harder for your audience to stay tuned in and engaged  during meetings, presentations, trainings, etc.


Strengthen your communication skills and draw yourself and/or your team to the top.


And we’re sharing that on November 29th during 4 inspiring workshops (workshops in English and Dutch, beginner and advanced).

For whom?

For those starting to visualise as well as experienced visual evangelists. Pick the workshop that matches your skills and walk away with tons of practical tools and tips.


AM: 09:00 – 12:30


(for beginners or refreshers)

This workshop is intended for professionals who believe in the power of drawing at work. We teach you ten basic techniques to visually communicate right away.


We believe a talent for drawing is not  a requirement. It’s not about the drawing, but about communicating ideas.


Last summer our team attended a series of inspiring trainings about the ‘the collaboration code’ developed by MG Taylor in which we deepened our knowledge on visual facilitation. And we’d love to share those insights with you.


We are demonstrating and playing with practical models and tools that help group thinking and collaboration, improve interaction and accelerate results. You’ll walk away with a bag full of inspiration and techniques to make your future workshops and meetings even better.

PM: 13:30 – 17:00


Are you familiar with ‘drawer’s block’? Do you know what you want to say, but you can’t find the appropriate image? Then this is a workshop for you.


During this workshop we are filling your sketch book with icons, symbols and metaphors. We equip you with a visual first aid kit for the future, in case you lack inspiration…


We believe collaboration will become even more important in the future. So, in the afternoon, we continue sharing our experiences, tools and models to stimulate successful and creative collaboration.


Part 1 and 2 are complementing each other, so feel free to follow both if you are an avid fan of this topic.

Doctor’s hours

Would you like a one to one one advice or feedback moment with a very experienced visual harvester throughout the day?


Grab your chance and book a consultation in which we gladly answer your questions and provide feedback. Be sure to bring some of your work with you if you want personal advice.


Martine Vanremoortele

When Martine founded her own company, Visual Harvesting, in 2009, she was able to submit a proven track record in communications, marketing and quality management. She combines her insights and creative talent, her ability to quickly and accurately analyze, conceptualize, make notes and visualize.


Martine is a successful facilitator and a passionate, motivated, enthusiastic worker bee coach eagerly sharing her know-how, as well as a powerful, supportive and competent sparring partner to her colleagues.  She’s a driven entrepreneur, non-conformist and curious by nature, continuously looking for opportunities to aspire growth for her and her colleagues in whatever challenge they face.


Martine is surrounded by a thriving team of Visual Harvesters, each and every one of them adding their strong points and talents to the group. She’s ambitious to find the perfect match for every assignment and every client, so as to create the biggest added value possible.

Axelle Vanquaillie

We dare to say Axelle has gone off the rails. She started her career as a social nurse to surprisingly end up being a strategic illustrator. She listens, contributes to the thinking process and then visualizes your corporate strategy in a picture that is meant to engage, inspire, focus and initiate interaction.


“The more challenging, the more exciting” is the credo by which Axelle translates company stories and strategies into pictures that guarantee instant clarification. It’s her mission to empower drawings so they can support organizations in their efforts to successfully run and innovate their businesses. But there’s so much more than just drawing.


Her experience in strategies, HR and communications enable Axelle to constructively join creative thinking processes in search of the best method to produce the best results. Even if it means that drawings are not essential to the outcome.

Kristof Braekeleire

As a kid Kristof wanted to be a cartoonist, but somewhere along the way he ended up in the technology industry, where he spent 20 years of his life.


One day he came across a team of people who helped clients solve strategic problems by drawing on walls. Kristof decided to join that team and as such he developed his graphic facilitation skills.


Kristof is an in Silicon Valley trained visual facilitator with 20 years experience in technology and business transformation.


He facilitated many company leaders and decision makers, creating visions and shaping digitalisation strategies, quite often around digitalisation, innovation and culture change.

Practical information


450€ excl. 21% VAT


The 4 workshops are a combination of Dutch and English language.

See all this information in Dutch

Location & accessibility

Urban City
Ankerrui 9
B-2000 Antwerp

Public transportation

At the Antwerp Central station you can take every 10 min bus 17 | UZA – Central Station – Brouwersvliet that drives every 10 minutes to the Felix warehouse, 170 m away from Urban City (15 minutes travel time).


On 130 m walking distance from Urban City you find the parking ‘Q-Park Godefriduskaai’ (Zeevaartstraat 11, 2000 Antwerp).

Reception & lunch

Reception: 08:45 AM
Start: 9:00 AM
End: 17:00 PM


We provide all the necessary materials. Prior knowledge is not necessary. And for who does have some experience, there is plenty of new inspiration and challenge.


And specially: everybody goes home with practically useful material.


Tea, coffee, cool drinks are available all day and we provided a light afternoon lunch.


With the use of the ‘kmo-portefeuille‘ (an aid measure from the Flemisch governement for entrepreneurs which are situated in Flanders, Belgium) small and medium businesses can register for this training with 30% to 40% discount. You will receive the necessary information after your registration.


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