Your visual harvest? First on paper, then digitally!

Your visual harvest? First on paper, then digitally!

How does Visual Harvesting draw its pictures? Quite simply and the old-school way: with markers and on paper. And we do have good reason for that! 

Live: with markers and paper

Okay, we have to admit that it probably looks a whole lot trendier to have someone draw on a tablet during your meeting. But wouldn’t that person just be sitting there, in a corner, practically invisible, sketching on his little screen? That would hardly boost cooperation, interaction or perception, now would it? And isn’t it just that the whole issue?

Visual Harvesting will install a graphic wall for you, a giant sort of flipchart in the front of the room. We add a couple of colourful markers that will bring your visual harvest to life.

Everyone can watch, everyone gets involved, everyone gets passionate. The benefits?

Your participants:

  • get to watch their own suggestions being translated into images
  • will spontaneously establish connections that lead to fresh ideas
  • will feel motivated to dig deeper and consequently hit the nail on the head


The ‘old-school’ drawing is a solid working tool to serve later purposes.

How about hanging it up in your office? Wanna bet that this lasting memory will spark the dialogue and stimulate (inter)action?

By the way, if you prefer to have your images on smaller pieces of paper, let’s say for your very personal action plan or a pitch, then we’ll see to that too! 

In the studio: using digital tools

Rest assured: no digit dummies here at Visual Harvesting. Right after the authentic live moment, we jump into the studio to digitalize your drawings. We deliver them in a high-quality file that makes them perfect for sharing on your intranet, social media, Yammer …

We also make use of high-tech applications to facilitate your storyboards, illustrations and clips.

In short: paper in the meeting room, computers in the studio. The perfect combination!