Activating change programmes

Change communication that sticks  

Avoid resistance. Get everyone on board.
Activate your strategy with a visual plan.


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Shape the future

Together we create a shared vision


Get everyone on board

Open and transparent communication is key throughout the various phases of a change programme. We map the problems that need to be addressed as well as the future we aspire. We think about what works and what has to change. As we progress we shape the future and create a shared vision of how it all should work and what value it will generate. And we don’t stop until we can draw the strategy and roadmap that leads to success.

In this way, we visibly anchor the new reality and the steps towards it



Make your plans deeper

Change in an organisation demands leadership and vision, but teh day-to-day impact can be vary different in various parts of the organisation.

By working with personas and drawing customer journeys, we empathize with the players in the ecosystem, allowing you to make plans more meaningful at all levels. As such we increase the buy in …

and accelerate change




Create lasting impact

Images and visual storytelling help to align people and inspire a wider audience into action, commitment and sustainable impact.

Live visual summaries, visual facilitation of co-creative sessions, strategy illustrations, hand-drawn videos…

are all ingredients of a powerful visual communication plan

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