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Make an impact. Be unforgettable.

Prevent that people forget what your meeting was about.
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The benefits of a visual summary created live during your meeting

Whoever steps outside after your meeting will know perfectly well what it was about


We make your story stick

People rememember little of what peoples say. Words, jargon, slides, it’s all gone in a jiffy. We synethsie the essence and visualise the main points in images. A drawing makes it easier to digest complex topics.

A visual summary also grabs the attention. It is read more quickly. And people remember it better.

A lot of our drawings end up on the walls of our clients and stay their for years. Our visual stories literally stick and survive the meetings. Attendees are reminded of the event and the main insights every time they walk by. And outsiders are drawn in by the visuals and want to “read” it.

We engage everybody

A visual created live is emerging on the wall in front of the attendees of a meeting. It pulls people in, in a non-abrasive way. They see how presentations, insights from break outs, Q&A are all mapped on large sheets of paper or on a digital canvas.

They see how their contributions are integrated in the bigger picture. It makes them more appreciative of other people’s inputs. The visual summary is a good conversation starter and helps to continue the dialogue after the event.



You can easily spread your story

Immediately after the session you have an inspiring and tangible summary that you can spread. It is fun. People recognise themselves and what they said as they navigate through the drawings. Pictures are often posted on social media.

The final result can also be spread in whole or in part via intranet, newsletters, websites, social media, backgrounds for virtual meetings, publications, briefcards, coffee mugs, etc. Anything to make valuable information live on.

Anything to make valuable information live on


This is what a visual reporter does

Large murals, poster-sized panels, digital projections visible in videocalls… we chose the creative solution that fits your purpose.

We listen carefully, integrate what we hear and play back the essence. Attendees see it growing in front of their eyes. Content is shaped and coloured. You get a cohesive visual that captures the essence. The visual harvest is an image you can keep and share as you please.

Our ‘visual harvesters’ are not just illustrators. We have quite some experience with management and transformations. We know how to listen, synthesie and draw all together. We think and arrange content at the speed of light. When the attendees are finished, we are finished.

We make live visual summaries in Dutch, English and French. Because we work with a team of experts, we maximise the availability of an experienced visual harvester to tackle your conferences, participative events, workshops, strategy meetings in a visual way.

We work online or on site, anywhere you want us. We have worked in Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, New York, Orlando, Florida, Dubai, Istanbul, Marrakesh, Johannesburg, Shenzhen, Vietnam, to name a few.


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Live visual report in action



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