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Martine Vanremoortele



When Martine founded ‘Visual Harvesting’ in 2009, she had already earned her stripes in the world of communication, marketing and quality management, where she learned the language of organizations, companies and business processes through and through. She now combines all this knowledge and insights with her creative talents and her ability to quickly and accurately analyse, conceptualise, note and visualise.

Martine is a much sought-after facilitator, a trainer who shares her abilities with infinite commitment, passion and pleasure, a supportive, powerful and professional sparring partner for other facilitators and a passionate entrepreneur with a non-conformist and curious character, always looking for the next opportunity to grow – in co-creation with her customers and colleagues – in what she does.

Martine can also count on a growing team of Visual Harvesters, each with their own strengths and qualities. She strives to find the perfect match for every assignment and every customer, so that the greatest possible added value is created.

Axelle Vanquaillie


It’s safe to say Axelle got a bit off the tracks. She started her career as a social nurse and surprisingly evolved into a strategic draftsman. She listens, shapes and visualises the strategy of a company in a drawing that engages, inspires, focuses and communicates.

Under the motto ‘the more challenging, the better’, Axelle translates organisational stories and strategies into drawings that bring instant clarity.

Her mission? Promoting drawings in any organization to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation.

This goes beyond drawing. Based on her experience with strategy, HR and communication, Axelle thinks along creatively and looks for working methods that delivers the intended results. Even if this means no drawing is needed.


Kristof Braekeleire



As a kid Kristof wanted to be a cartoonist, but somewhere along the way he ended up in the technology sector, where he spent 20 years of his time.

One day he came across a team of people who helped clients with strategic issues by drawing on the wall.

He decided to join that team and ever since continued to develop his graphic facilitation skills.

Kristof was trained and seasoned in Silicon Valley as a visual facilitator a careerlong experience in technology & business transformation.

He helped numerous business leaders and decision makers build vision and strategies, often around digitisation, innovation and cultural change.

Iris Maertens


Iris let her creativity run free at the drawing board during her childhood. Her focus on drawing increased when she studied at the Royal Atheneum of Fine Arts and later while earning an MFA in Graphic Design.

Iris started working for NGOs and tried to develop the most effective techniques to change mindsets and behaviours.

In her work as communications coordinator for Greenpeace International, she became fascinated by the power of storytelling while creating emotive campaigns and where illustrations bring stories to life.

She worked for a range of organisations and causes in a variety of styles, both digitally and at the drawing board.


Jolijn De Geest



Jolijn is our Management Assistant at Visual Harvesting.

She is happy to help you with questions about the availability of our graphic recorders, quotations, our accounting, our training or if you want to know more about the practical matters or have other questions.

So, there is a good chance that you will get Jolijn on the phone or an email from her in your mailbox if you contact us.

Jolijn has extensive experience in all-round administration & office management. She worked as a directing and production assistant for the national televsion in Flanders and then gained more than 15 years of experience as a project organizer and office manager at various organizations.

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