Visual facilitation

Drawing to facilitate ideation and strategy creation

Work better together. Bring the best out of the group.
We co-design your meeting and facilitate the process of co-creation.

VisuAL FACILITATION = work beter together

The power of visual facilitation


Together we create clear strategies that get you started

Steril slidedecks, lengthy documents and bulleted lists do not inspire people to act. The insights and images drawn from a visually facilitated session do.

Participants literally see where they are, what they’ve done, and where they are going. Clarity gives direction. Clarity gives focus. Clarity gives guidance. Visual collaboration creates a bond. All participants co-own the images. As a consequence:

it motivates then to act


We visualise group thinking

You want participation. You want the input of attendees. Together with you we design effective sessions to come to a shared and aligned vision and strategy.

We have a large toolbox of facilitation methods. Drawing is central for us. It allows to show and track progress during the event. The drawings are the collective memory made visible. That makes our approach special.

Participants find it stimulating to see their coming come to life. Our visual method encourages them to contribute, allowing …

everyone to find their input in the result





Avoid endless discussions

A goal-oriented design and a visual structure frame the meeting. Visual collaboration is more efficient. What you put on paper helps others to understand. It allows for focused conversations …

that lead to alignment and clarity



This is what a visual facilitator does

With our strategy expertise, co-creative facilitation and visual tools, we invite people to have productive dialogue. We make sure everyone participates, no matter the size of the group. We guide the process, such that the group can concentrate fully on the content. But we also care for the result. We try to keep participants sharp to generate maximum output.

Our team has extensive knowledgea dn experience with visual tools and participative techniques. Large Scale Interventions, MG Taylor, Appreciative Inquiry, Art of Hosting, creative technniques, frameworks, canvasses, icebergs, journeys… we’ve seen it all. We tap into our experience and best practices, to tailor sessions that get the results you’re hoping for. We maximise your chances of success.


During an extensive breifing we define the target audience, the objectives, the conditions that may impact success. Based on that we make a playbook and game plan for the session. We take into account follow up and design the event with a “what comes next” mindset.

During the session

During the session we ask questions, try to understand, and synthese so we can visualise correctly what’s been said and agreed. We follow the playbook we created with you, to make it easy for participants to get to results, but we are also flexible to let go where needed and take a different turn if the group requires it.


After the event, our images usually end up on a wall in our client’s offices. Sometimes they stay on the wall for years. That goes to show the value of such a visual harvest. We digitalise all images so they can be spread online as well. And we evaluate the session afterwards to discuss what else is needed to move forward.


Discuss your idea with us

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